V.F.D, a series of unfortunately events, shoes

Sadly these shoes died in the mountains of South-Africa a few years ago. They have been loved them for so long that they deserved this post. I am a huge fan of the books ‘a series of unfortunate events’ by Lemony Snicket. Therefore I also can not wait for the Netflix series because the teaser looked really promising! Here are the shoes:


For everyone who has read the books the meaning of the shoes is obvious, especially when you have also read ‘the unauthorized autobiography’. The left is an important quote from the books which I am not spoiling for those who still has to read the books. The logo on the right is (among things) an interpretation of the eye tattoo on count Olaf’s ankle. If you look closely you can see it is both an eye and the letters V.F.D. I do not know if this is the ‘official’ interpretation of the logo, but I always thought this one was cool because it is abstract and how both the eye and the letters V.F.D in it. If you google the logo it is mostly used as a tattoo design, but I guess I was not really into the tattoo’s back then so I figured it would be cool to sew the logo on my shoes so the logo would still be on my left ankle.

I made this with regular sewing threat because I figured that was stronger than embroidery threat (please tell me if I am wrong). Also I did four strands at one go because I am lazy and it was difficult enough getting the needle through the shoes one time and I still wanted the quote and logo to be clearly visible. Before I started to sew I drew the logo with a ballpoint because I expected the ink would disappear in rain and such, which it did eventually.

I really loved to make these shoes. I really loved the idea to have a personalized original way of showing my love of the books. That is after all one of the plus sides of craftiness: the ability to make your own fan art which portrays exactly what you loved about a series.

Conclusions looking back:

  1. Shoes are hard to sew because the fabric is very thick.
  2. Embroidery on clothes and such is an awesome way to show love for something in a personalized way.

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