The big quilt for a lovely friend

So this is the big one. As already explained in the ‘A mini book quilt to calm one’s mind‘ post, this quilt is made together with a lovely sister friend of mine. It is going to be a two-person bed spread so I have decided to give this post its own menu. Also that is fitting because this is a dream project of my lovely friend which makes it also a dream project of mine because she is family.

We got the idea of this project because I was explaining her about quilts and why I love them. This ended in me passionately telling her about the many meanings a quilts can have. There is for example the pink ribbon quilt movement, the aids remembrance quilt and people who make quilts of clothes of deceased loved ones as a remembrance. My friend was wondering if it is possible to make a quilt from her old clothing and other fabrics that meant something to her and that is what got the wheels turning, because of course I said: YES! I am very awed that she lets me make this quilt for her with all her old clothes and such because this is my very first big quilt and really can’t predict how it is going to look when it’s finished.


This is a very big optimistic project which made my poor mother sigh more than a few times because of our boundless optimism combined with very minimalistic basic knowledge.  I tend to be more a head first and, we’ll solve the problems later kind of girl anyway. And above all I like some free-flowing flair and creativity in my work.

Also this is a working ethos me and lovely friend have in common: the inclination to say yes to project because they are awesome and not because they are possible or easy. The ‘how’ you can figure out along the way anyway. Therefore for the discerning eye it is visible which parts of the quilt we tackled first, and which ones we made later with the help of more knowledge and motherly advice.

The coloured pieces are finished!

The first evening we worked on this quilt we talked about everything she wanted in it, about the possibilities of quilts and we leaved through my mother’s quilt books. The stars for example are based on a pattern out one of the books (number 7a, b and c). Every separate design with a standard size of 24 by 24 centimetre are called the basic blocks, indicated with the numbers on the design. Working with basic blocks was necessary to make sure all the different pieces can be assembled into a blanket later. Before that is done all the basic block pieces will be assembled into the rows, indicated with the letters. In the picture above you can see the design were all the finished pieces are coloured because it is very rewarding to see the coloured in patches grow and grow!.This picture will be updated whenever another piece is done.

Sometimes the basic blocks are used for one shirt and sometimes they are divided up in even smaller pieces. You can even see that sometimes patters are bigger than the basic blocks because whoever can keep all the rules?! With a good pattern this will not be a problem though. All the different pieces are numbered so we know which one goes where. Below you can see two patterns, one drawn and one with the numbers. These two will be most important during this project because these will make sure the end result will be a square and not a triangle (for example).

A somewhat schematical drawing of the quilt
The Big Quilt progress so far
This is a overview of all the different blocks

As you can see not every block has a design yet, but by sticking to the basic block formation we can think of those later. We figured that making this quilt would probably take enough time for her to gather more shirts and other such stuff to put in the quilt. This quilt will not only consist of shirts by the way. In total three techniques have been used so far: basting, that is the name for how the shirts are processed; patchwork and appliqué.

Anyway here ends the explanation of the idea behind the quilt and some technicalities. If you want to know more you can always comment and ask questions. In the side-menu and via the links below you can look at the blogposts for the finished pieces soon as I have written those.

At the end of this post I would like to say that I hope this quilt will give her many peaceful moments, quiet nights and wonderful dreams instead of nightmares. Something she can certainly use in this weird and sometimes hard world of us. If you like this quilt, please tell us because we fear that no one except us will like it, because of the randomness, but that can’t be true can it?

60% cut.jpg
What we’ve accomplished so far!

Would you like to know more?

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