Monthly sewing update: May 2017

Every month there will be an update of all the projects I’ve worked on that month. If I am really amazing this update will be on the 20th. These updates are meant to keep you lovely people up to date with everything I do, well everything craft, sewing and quilting related you don’t need to know about my cleaning schedule. In this way, there will be regular updates and it saves you waiting for blog posts about finished artwork because I am seriously behind writing those. If any of the artworks grabs your particular attention, let me know. In that case, I will make extra sure to keep working on that particular one!

The next few months I want to dedicate myself to practising techniques and finishing old projects.  This is good for me because I see my creativity grow when I know how more things work. In that way learning new techniques is a way to open up my mind to new possibilities. This month already I learned a ton of new stuff! So awesome. Here are my exploits for this month:

English paper piercing experiment: fish

In olden times the ‘English paper piercing quilt’ technique was a way to use old scraps of fabric in order to not waste anything. Usually that was done in easy shapes such as a hexagon. Of course I thought that a new technique was exactly the right moment to challenge myself, so I went with an Escher-inspired fish design I found online. Precision is key when you want to make an English quilt so I decided to transfer the patterns to a piece of plastic I had laying around. This is in accordance with the olden day practise of using materials with no other purpose than cluttering up your living space. On the plastic I numbered every piece, so when I assemble everything in that order it would fit, no matter how crooked the separate pieces are, at least that is the theory. I will let you know if that actually worked. This technique is very calming because you are basically wrapping pieces of plastic in fabric.



Quilt pattern: star of the orient by Judy Martin

For this one first I have to confess a crime (I think at least it is): I did not purchase this pattern. I found it on Pinterest and loved the shape so much I had to know how to make it. So I stared at it for a long time, and was completely buggered because I had no idea how to achieve this quilting magic.  I also asked my mother, who has years of quilting experience, and she did not understand it as well. Eventually I decided to join some quilting Facebook groups and go ask it there. And can you imagine! The first thing I saw on one of those groups was someone asking exactly the same question as I had.

It turned out there are two ways to make this pattern: either with paper piercing (the kind with paper on the back), or with the use of partial seams. Neither of them I had any experience with. However, after some youtube research, I decided to go for the partial seam technique. I preferred that one because it leaves all the pieces of the star intact, which gives it more the rotating look this pattern has. See and compare for yourself:



For this pattern, I decided to use some old trouser fabric. That was a bit of a challenge because fabric like that is usually really though, however, I loved how the colours looked, so I had to use it. The partial seam technique is really lovely and I am already thinking of other ways to use it, so this was definitely successful practice.

star of the orient 30% cut
Star of the Orient (Pattern: Judy Martin)

The example on the left uses the paper piercing technique by Paula Storm and is called ‘Spinning star’. There is a tutorial on her website. The example on the right, the one I used, is ‘the star of the Orient’, using the partial seam technique by Judy Martin. If you want to buy it, you can do it with this link.


For the rest of the month I have been into embroidery a lot. I got it into my head that it would be very awesome to use embroidery pieces in a bag or on clothing. This seems an ideal way to use very old school things in a novel way. Currently I am making embroidery myself and scavenging finished ones from second hand stores. Embroidery helps me to relax, which is good because I am also busy with  a critical stage of my studies. Below you see some of the projects I’ve worked on:



With the boat, I tried to be creative about the techniques I used to practise and see what the possibilities of embroidery are. In the swearing embroidery below I plan to do the same. The swearing one is even more calming than regular embroidery projects. There is a profound quit to be found in calmly stitching profanities in bright colours. I base this work on a swearing colour page found online.

First attempt at clothes with a pattern

Sooooo many mistakes in this one, but I am also proud because there are also so many pretty things I did I am in awn with. Not sure if this skirt is wearable, but at least I learned a lot and it looks more or less like the pattern! And yes the picture is deliberately vague because I am too self-conscious about the finished skirt.

skirt 40% cut no head
First attempt at a skirt

This was all for this month my lovelies! See you in the next.

See my DeviantArt or Instagram (username: for more artwork and WIPs. You can also follow my blog by clicking on the button on the left or by filling in your email address. There will be a monthly update at the end of every month and a new blogpost every Sunday or Monday.


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