Monthly sewing update June 2017

The time spent on projects differed a lot this month. The first two weeks were the last two of a reading challenge I participated in and I really wanted to finish it, and I did! But this also meant less time for sewing because I was reading. I did, however, discover the joy of doing simple crafts with an audiobook to satisfy the urge for reading and making things with my hands simultaneously. The second half of the month I had to do fieldwork for my studies, which comes with a lot of nerves, so I spent a lot of time sewing to calm down.

An exciting sewing-related thing that happened this month was my first quilting sewing bee! My mother participates every month in one and it happened to be when I was at my parents place for my schoolwork. The sewing bee consisted of a big group of ladies who welcomed me in their midst. It was very nice to meet other quilters and to talk about each other’s work. I put quite a lot of ladies in awe as well because of the tininess of the project I was working on, which was the revolving lone star below.

The revolving lone star

This project is started this month, and with this project I re-discovered that I like to make tiny things. The pattern is based on the revolving star variation by Jan Krentz of a classical quilt pattern, named the lone star. Usually the block which results from this pattern covers the whole size of the quilt, but when I finish this piece I think I’ll use it as adornment on a denim bag.

lone star 20%

Lone star pattern of this project. The hatching indicates a lighter fabric of the same colour.

Every piece is about 1,5 by 1,5 centimetre.  The great thing of this project is that I can put everything I need to work on it in a glass jar and take it with me to work on it in the train. Below is a picture of the progress I’ve made so far.

lone star 30%

Two points are done so far.

Update Fish English paper piercing

Last month I told you that I was not sure if this project was going to work, well I can tell you know that it does! And quite well if I say so myself. It is not the neatest stitching you will ever find, but I actually like the hand-made look it gives the work. In the picture you can see that I am putting on a border now. This will allow me to take out all of the plastic pieces necessary for a project like this. After that the fish get eyes and fins by quilting. When that is finished it will probably become part of a small shoulder back.

fish update 30% cut

The fabric will flatten out when all the plastic is removed.

Bee block scrap quilt

Two things happened in succession of each other to make this project happen: the first is an agreement to housesit for two weeks in Augustus in a beautiful house with garden in a very small Dutch village. The other one is the wish to hand quilt a big project by hand and to work on it while I am housesitting to give me something to do in the tranquillity of a quiet place. To be able to do that I first needed to make the quilt top, where all the pieces go together, and I had a blast doing that!



The pattern of this one is based on the traditional bee bloc, visible in the picture above. I could not find the origin of this pattern yet, so if anyone knows please tell me! I like to give credit where it’s due. This pattern is very suitable to use up a lot of scrap fabric because the pieces are small and very straightforward. At hindsight I might have made my pieces a bit too small, because I needed 348 pieces for the whole quilt top, but we’ll see how it turns out. It where at least enough pieces to cover me up.

melancholia of the quilter 30%

Melancholia of the quilter

For the fabric use I decided to go for the theory that if nothing fits together, everything will look fine in the end. To really pursue that aim I also asked around if people had non-conventional, difficult to work with, fabric I could use for this quilt. The weird fabrics look fun together, and I got a lot of practise handling difficult fabrics.

scrap quilt 40% cut

Lay-out of some of the pieces

Mayan quilt piece

This is the last one already for this month. This is the latest addition to Dreamproject 3: The Big Quilt. My friend brought some Mayan fabric home with her when she was in Guatemala, and asked if I could use it in her quilt, and I did. The pattern is the same as the scrap quilt above. This pattern allows a lot of variation because essentially it consist of some basic pieces you can arrange to your own liking.


Finished Mayan Piece

I also wrote a blogpost about this piece and similar ones for The Big Quilt here: The patchwork pieces.

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