The use of old clothes

Update time! Part of the idea of the quilt was to use old clothing my friend which has special meaning for her.

Using old clothing in a quilt can be tricky because it is often very stretchy fabric, or not suitable for quilting in general at all. Often the fabric is too worn to use on its own anyway. Therefore, when you want to use clothing you need to bast (not sure if this is the correct term) the fabric onto another suitable piece of fabric In the case of this quilt that is the blue one you see in some pictures. We deliberately chose a colour which would also fit in the quilt itself, because it will be visible on some pieces. There are several ways to do this right, and more to do this wrong. In this post I will explain how I did it, and what I did wrong before I got the hang of it.



On the pictures above you can see that I did not exactly made things straight. The fabric stetched a lot and I did it with a sewing machine, which makes it even more difficult to keep fabric straight. Luckily my friend does not mind that the first pieces are a bit wonky. To prevent movement of the fabric while sewing, my mother suggested to first use basting thread to anchor the pieces on the fabric and then sew. I used brighthly coloured thread or thread of a colour I did not like for that,  because you remove the thread when the quilt is finished. In the pictures below you can see I used the basting technique, and things became better.

wlg trui groot 20% cut
This is the name of our high school

Here you can see the blue fabric we used as a basis for all the difficult fabric. Also the help thread is visible. After this I just add pictures of everything that is finished so far, because there really is not much more to tell about it.

tas 30% cut
This bag was sturdy as itself, so no basting necessary
visarend 20& cut
Visarend is Dutch for fish eagle or Osprey
kurt steekt uit 20% cut
There is a piece sticking out, because i want to try to work that into the border of the quilt.
nirvana 20% cut
And yes, she is a big fan of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain.
lowlands 30% cut
This is a shirt of a music festival in the Netherlands we’ve been to (Lowlands)
20% cut love connects
Slogan of the non-profit World Servants
20% cut pkn
First project of the NGO she participated in. I went on this one as well.
wolf 20% cut
Just a shirt of a girl with her wolf


More shirts have been prepared!

lousiana 30% cut
Who doesn’t love Lousiana?
green day 30% cut
Green day and alstars!
acta est fabula 30% cut
‘The story has ended’. This was the motto of our final year at high school.
kurt cobain quite 30% cut
A good quote to remember

Well, that’s everything so far. Below is a picture of the design with all the finished pieces coloured in. It really is going smoothly.

Progress 18 October 2017
Progress 18 October 2017

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