My crafting holiday

I am on a sewing holiday! The coming two weeks I will be housesitting for some people in a beautiful old farm in a village where there is not much to do. This is wonderful because I aim to do as much unashamed sewing as possible. This is really living the creativity dream: I have lots of space to spread out all the projects I want to work on, which also prevents that I get overwhelmed because I cannot see the next step for a project. This tends to happen in my own room, because all the projects pile up on top of each other. In this house I have even a cat to sit of my fabric! This is going to be a good two weeks. Here is a picture of everything I plan to work on.

dag 1 cut 30%
All the projects nicely arranged.

Some of these projects I have already started and need some hours of hard work to be finished, and others are new or barely started. I’ll post an update after the two weeks to tell you how much I got done.

Here is a list of all the projects I took with me:

  • Mobile for my new Nephew: I became an auntie again last Tuesday! The ball-shaped things are going to be a mobile with hot air balloons.
  • Scrap quilt: this one I posted about before in Monthly update: July 2017. The quilt top is finished and the backing is attached. I bought really fancy thread and I plan to sew all the layers together with a star pattern. I really hope the weather is nice, so I can sit in the garden while doing that.
  • Embroidery of a baby: This one is almost finished. When it’s done I’ll probably use it for a bag.
  • Embroidery of DEATH and cats: This is from the discworld universe. Because DEATH is awesome
  • Embroidery of the great A’tuin: This character is also from the discworld universe. This one is almost finished. It only needs the backstitching, which will add more expression to the piece.
  • A new embroidery piece for a contest asking for ‘profound words of wisdom’: The design I plan is based on the television series Black Books.
  • The Dear Jane quilt: This is a well-known sampler quilt with many different blocks using different techniques. I am making this one to practise my technique. The whole project will probably take years, because I plan to make a block once in a while.
  • Fish quilt: Already mentioned in the Monthly update: July 2017. I need to finish the quilting, and when time I plan to turn it into a bag.
  • Revolving star quilt: Also mentioned in the Monthly update June 2017. A lot of really small pieces. I like the challenge that gives me.

See my DeviantArt or Instagram (username: for more artwork and WIPs. You can also follow my blog by clicking on the button on the left or by filling in your email address. There will be a monthly update at the end of every month and a new blogpost every Sunday or Monday.

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