Dear Jane L-5: Chattanooga Charlie

Apparently Chattanooga is a city in America, I did not know that. One does not only learn quilting techniques with the Dear Jane!  Curious as I am I googled ‘Chattanooga’ and discovered they have a very nice bridge there:

Chattanooga bridge

Anyhow back to quilting. This block is made with patchwork. First I pieced the smallest trianges together, after that I assembled the bigger parts.

I really love the geometry of this block! I think this is one of my favourites so far. It is not super easy, but also not difficult at all if you pay attention to the pieces you’re sewing together. Also pinning lots really helps to get the edges and lines straight.

Dear Jane L-5: Chattanooga Charlie
Dear Jane L-5: Chattanooga Charlie

Another fortunate discovery I had while making this block was that both fabrics were awesome to work with! When I started the Dear Jane I just gathered all the solid fabrics I had, and hoped for the best. Now I am actually making the blocks I notice not all fabrics are suitable for quilting, because some fray very easily or are very thick.  Won’t stop me from using them though, I am stubborn AND love a challenge.

This block is part of the bigger ‘Dear Jane’ quilting project I am working on. Here is the introduction post: Dear Jane introduction

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