Turtle bookbag made with recycled clothing

Using old clothing that holds awesome memories to sew something new. What more can a person wish for? I hope not much, because this piece is made as a present for my friend, who you can see below. She is wearing the dungarees I used for the bookbag.

Dungarees used for the turtle bookbag
Dungarees used for the turtle bookbag

The dungarees were not bought painted. At a festival we were you could let a lady paint your clothing, and that is what she did. Years later she was not wearing the dungarees anymore, so I got them to use for my sewing. Thereupon I decided to use the garment for a bookbag, because it would be a shame to throw the fabric away.

There was a suprisingly little amoung of fabric on this garment, so it is a good thing I had the turtle fabric to use as well. My friend is a HUGE fan of turtles, so I was already saving the fabric to make something for her anyway. Here is the result:



As you can see, because I used the back pocket as front flap there is space for a mobile phone or papers or so. The turtle fabric was a large piece, so I used that for the front and back of the bag, and the dungaree fabric for the rest. The black fabric inside is also recycled from the lining of an old winter coat. The straps of the bag are made from the straps of the dungarees. I even kept the attachment system the garment uses as a nod to the original shape of the piece. The bag closes with some velcro.

Here is a detailed picture of the top and front flap of the bag:

Detail turtle boog bag
On this picture it is visible that I used the old fastening system for the straps.

The two straps are attached with a knot to make the bag size-adjustable. Making this bag was really enjoyable. It is such a great way to make something new out of something old, and also a great way to create something special for someone.


  1. How to use a small amount of fabric in the most efficient way possible.
  2. How many different kinds of fabrics are recyclable


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