Monthly sewing update: December 2017

Wow, this one was a long time coming. I had a little break from quilting and sewing because first my website broke down and I had to rebuild it. Also, there was a lot of school stuff and other things I had to do. But I am back now! So hide your fabric, because I am ready to make many things!

One thing I’ve been doing the last few months is organizing and cleaning out my room. I notice that really helps to create some clarity in my mind and to think more creatively. Also, I plan to go abroad for a few months in the next year so I might have to pack up and sub-rent my room, which is also easier with less stuff. One organizing thing I did was to make a list of all the craft projects I’ve started so far and how far I got along with those projects. It makes it easier to decide which ones to finish, which ones to give away to other people and which ones to give up on. Also, it gives me a general idea of what I’ve been up to. Here is the list:

Project list
Project list

As you can see: it is a very long list of 28 items in total. This is what I’ve done last month:

Dear Jane sampler quilt

A sampler quilt is something a quilter makes to practice or show-of proficiency with certain techniques. The Dear Jane is one of the most well-known sampler quilts, with a total of 225 blocks, all with a different design. Here is the introduction post about the Dear Jane: Dear Jane introduction. To admire my own progress I hang the finished blocks on my curtains:

Finished Dear Jane so far
Finished Dear Jane so far, 15-12-2017

Geometrical bird tote bag

This bag is mainly made out of old shirts from my father. In that way, this is a great experiment in using old clothing for quilts. Recycling clothing like this is something I want to experiment more with, because it can be an amazing way to remember someone or something you love, depending on the meaning of the clothing. For example, my mother is making a family quilt with clothing from every one of our family, and I think that one is going to be so precious. Plus shirts are wonderful to work with, because often the fabric is gorgeous. Although, sometimes the fabric is a pain to work with.

Geometric bird tote bag
Geometric bird tote bag

It used to look neater, but then I took it on a holiday and now it looks super messy. Ah well, stuff like that happens. I’ll write a blogpost about this one with better pictures, I promise.

Turtle book bag

One of my best friends gave me some old garments of her to sew with. One of them was this one:

Dungarees used for the turtle bookbag
Dungarees used for the turtle bookbag

This picture is made at a great festival we went to together, where you could let someone paint your clothing. It was an awesome festival, and it is a great memory, so I thought it would be nice to turn the dungarees into a bookbag as a present for her. This shows another potential of using old clothing: it can increase the life-span of a garment you are personally attached to. The other fabric is ‘borrowed’ from my mother. That one is used because she loves turtles and everything ‘turtly or tortoisy’. A blogpost will follow about this bookbag in which I will go more into the details of making the bag.

Christmas embroidery

Usually, I don’t really go into the Christmas decorations and stuff, but since I had this piece of embroidery laying around I thought I might as well make it in a fitting season. I think this embroidery piece portrays a really lovely scene, reminiscent of those cold winter days when the city centre is extra lovely because of winter clothing, carol singers and maybe even some snow.

Christmas embroidery
Christmas embroidery


Because I was very confused about the terminology used when I first started quilting, embroidering and sewing in general, I decided to create a glossary with all the words I’ve learned so far. If there are more words you want me to explain, let me know!

That’s it for this month. One question for you all as a conclusion: I was looking at Etsy for options to sell my bags and maybe other stuff as well, but I am very confused. Does anyone have tips of where to start and what to do, because it is all confusing me so far.

See my DeviantArt or Instagram (username: for more artwork and WIPs. You can also follow my blog by clicking on the button on the left or by filling in your email address. There will be a monthly update at the end of every month and a new blogpost every Sunday or Monday.


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