Dear Jane G-6: Papa’s star

This one was tricky! I had to disassemble part of it because it wasn’t a square first time I finished it. It still looks wonky now, but it looks more or less like a square, so this block is declared finished! Or as the people in the Dear Jane facebook group I’m a member of say: kiss it and put it on the pile.

The thing that made this block so tricky is that every piece has a different shape. Yes, you read that correctly. I think this is the most confusing Dear Jane block I’ve made so far, which naturally means that I also loved making it. Challenges are great, and exactly why I started this quilting journey.


Dear Jane G-6: Papa’s star

For the star in the middle I used a variation of foundation piecing, using a background fabric where the pieces are sewn onto. This technique allows for accuracy in tricky designs.

An added benefit of that I discovered is that foundation piecing ‘hides’ away all the seams, because they are tucked away between the background and the fabric in view. This is a very nice discovery, because usually it is very tricky to deal with all the seams when making a block with so many little pieces, because all the seams tend to get in the way. For sure I will be using this trick more in the future!

This block is part of the bigger ‘Dear Jane’ quilting project I am working on. Here is the introduction post: Dear Jane introduction.

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