Monthly sewing update: January 2018

This month I was sewing a lot of things by hand, because sadly Frau Pfaff,  my sewing machine, is in dire need for some maintenance. I took her to the shop this week, so I hope she will run smoothly and happily again soon! Luckily, I also really love hand-sewing, so missing Frau Pfaff wasn’t that bad after all. But then again, I did discover this month one misses the things one cannot have the most.

This month I wrote a post about a turtle bookbag I made for my best friend: Turtle bookbag and a post about a block in my Dear Jane project: Dear Jane G-6: Papa’s star.

Scrap quilt

The most exciting thing this month was finishing my first big quilt! I’ve been hand quilting this one since the summer holidays, so I am super excited it’s done and super proud of how it turned out:

Finished scrap quilt
Finished scrap quilt

I’ll blog about this quilt later. This quilt is done right on time by the way! It is supercold here in The Netherlands, and the fleece I put on the back of this quilt, makes this a super comfortable blanket to wrap around yourself on a cold day. I had so many scraps that I made a pillow out of the leftovers:

scrap quilted pillow
scrap quilted pillow

Fuchsia bookmark

I found a kit for this bookmark in a second-hand store. I love to scavenge for embroidery pieces in those places. Sometimes I buy already finished embroidery pieces to save the handwork of creative people who came before me, to use it in my quilts or bags. Sortof ‘paying it forward’ for creative people. This bookmark was a lovely piece to alternate with all my bigger projects.

Fuchsia bookmark
Who recognizes the book?

Dear Jane update

This month a lot of designing of the colours and counting of fabric measurements happened!



Calculating for my Dear Jane
Calculating for my Dear Jane

I’ll explain in a blogpost what you actually see on the pictures.  For now, I just wanted to show you how I work while designing a quilt.

So that was my month, how was yours? 

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