My Dear Jane deflowering: A-1: pinwheel gone awry

Dear Jane A-1: pinwheel gone awry
Dear Jane A-1: pinwheel gone awry

This is the first Dear Jane block I ever did!

I do see it is a bit strange to have this post now after posting many other blocks, but well that is how life goes sometimes. While thinking of novel ways to talk about my Dear Jane project I thought it would be nice to show the first one I ever made. Didn’t start with A-1 because it is the first one though, but because I liked the shape. I like patchwork blocks with many different pieces. There is so much satisfaction to get in the construction process of elaborate blocks.

For this block, you start with a big pile of pieces which turn into the beautiful design with some dedicated sewing. You can call it magic if you like. I think this block is a variation of the traditional pinwheel quilt pattern you can see below. This is a picture of a men shirt recycle quilt I’m working on. The title makes a lot of sense when you see the traditional pattern. It helps that my Dear Jane only has two colours when making blocks with so many pieces because that saves a lot of confusion of using the right fabrics at the right places.

Pinwheel quilt
Pinwheel quilt pattern

How to make this block

First I always start with drawing out all the pieces on the fabric and to cut them out. After that, I pin as much as possible. Quilting goes a lot quicker and neater when I do as much of the same thing in one go as possible. Also, this prevents mistakes, because I lay out the pieces of the block before pinning, making sure no pieces get attached which shouldn’t. Once sewn I cut and press the seams with a teaspoon to make them lay flat. Sometimes I even iron when it is a particularly tricky block, but not often. After that, I repeat the laying out and pinning process until the block is finished.

For this block first made the little pinwheel in the middle and the border strips were made. That was because I was a bit nervous about the pinwheel and whether the points would meet in the middle, so I wanted to get that part out of the way. All in all, I am very happy with the result. The corners pull a bit, but that’s alright for now. I’ll learn to prevent that in the future.

So what do you think of my Dear Jane deflowering? Was it a worthy one?

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