Monthly sewing update April

I was thinking to bring the monthly update feature back at the end of every month. The idea is that I talk about all the projects I have been working on and craft related plans I have. What do you think, would you like to read that? Usually, I work on many different projects at the same time, many of which are not going to be finished any time soon, so this will show what I’m doing anyway.

As you can see, this month was a lot of cross stitch. There was a contests deadline I wanted to enter and also wanted to see how the cat with many colours would turn out.

Dear Jane: always on my mind

First of all my big love: Dear Jane. This is the left top. This was finished and joined to see how the colours of the border stripers between the blocks would work out and I love it! The orange sashing will go from the top left to the right bottom. What do you think of it?

Dear Jane quilt top left
Dear Jane quilt top left

Any one colour contest

The cross stitch group ‘stitching pirates‘ on Deviantart I am a member of had a contest ending on earth day (22th April). The objective was to create a piece using only one colour. Since using various shades was allowed, I used it as a reason to practise shading with cross stitch. That is done by combining various colours of thread. This is my entry:

Any one colour submission
Any one colour submission

Magical mystery spring stitch along

This biscornu is made during the spring magical mystery stitch along. This was a cross stitch SAL during Easter where a new pattern was revealed every four hours. There were also two pre-stitch patterns. This was my first SAL and also my first biscornu. It was so much fun to participate and to work on the same project with a group of people. Really hope to join more SAL’s in the future. Also enjoyed making a biscornu out of the cross stitch. I was always mesmerized by the shape of a biscornu, and am very glad I finally cracked the coke of how to do it. Here is the tutorial I’ve used for anyone who is interested.

Spring SAL biscornu
Spring SAL biscornu

Colourful neglected floss cat

Also called the steampunk cat, because she looks like she owns some pretty cool goggles. This project is started to use up all the leftover floss you have from embroidery kits and such. At DeviantArt, we call that neglected floss. The pattern was black and white, so I just picked a colour which took my fancy for every part and kept stitching until it ran out. Really believe that if you throw enough crazy colours together, it will have a wonderful end result. Really happy with the result so far!

Colourful steampunk cat WIP
Colourful steampunk cat WIP

Patchwork quilt bag for my mother

Last Wednesday it was my mothers 55th birthday! Happy birthday mom. As a present, she wanted a good book and a home-made bag by me. It turned out bigger than planned, but that happens when you work out patterns when you’re tired. Overal I am pleased with the result and my mother liked it as well! More details about this piece in next week’s post. Of course the bag is given with a book, because it’s meant to carry books in. The book is about the history of quilts in the Netherlands, full of gorgeous pictures of old quilts.

The pattern is from a quilt along: at sewhooked: rainbow cascade quilt along.

Quilted patchwork spring bag
Quilted patchwork spring bag

What else

Another thing I did this month is to start an Instagram account. I thought it would be cool to share my work there as well and to stare at all the beautiful work other people make, and so far it has not been disappointing! Follow me here or via my username: Also sent me a message if you have beautiful work you want me to look at. I am always on the lookout for more creative things to watch!

This month’s posts

See my DeviantArt or Instagram (username: for more artwork and WIPs. You can also follow my blog by clicking on the button on the left or by filling in your email address. There will be a monthly update at the end of every month and a new blogpost every Sunday or Monday.


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