Monthly sewing update: May 2018


Another month has passed and a lot of creativity has happened in that time! I’ve been very busy preparing fieldwork for my thesis for university, planning a wedding (not my own) and lots of other stuff. For my fieldwork, I plan to go to Kenya for four months in August. My research will be focused on the conflicts that arise when wildlife comes into contact with people (think elephants destroying crops and such). This will be the final stage of my studies, so currently I live in very interesting times. Both with preparations for the fieldwork, but also planning to move back to my parents for a while (which will be a whole experience on its own).

Always when life is very busy and getting a bit more stressful to be comfortable, I also get super creative because it’s the best way to calm down. The slowness of sewing and embroidery and the fact that you are meticulously creating something is a great way to calm down after a hectic day. Also, it helps that my brain is very actively engaged in research, which results in lots of new ideas for creative projects as well.

Anyhow, that’s my life now. I hope your life is great as well. Now I’ll delve into the stuff you came for:

Coloured cross stitch cat

It’s finished!

Neglected floss steampunk cat
Neglected floss steampunk cat

This cross stitch is made with neglected floss: leftovers from kits and other projects and such. So happy with how this turned out because she looks so fabulous. I like this way of using leftover floss a lot. It keeps cross stitching interesting and it is a great way to make amazing things while being thrifty. I’ll start another project like this when my collection of neglected floss has grown again.

Dear Jane quilt: joining of the blocks

As of this date, 74 of the middle square blocks of my Dear Jane quilt are finished! That means I have 12 to go to reach the halfway point. Exciting times. With big projects like this, it always feels a bit unreal when the halfway point is reached. Not the halfway point of the whole quilt of course. It is the halfway point of a certain section of the quilt and that is still an important milestone in my book.

I’ve spent most of last weekend joining blocks to see how the quilt is developing.  I find that a great motivator to keep sewing on this project. On the top of this post, you see some of the work I did that weekend. Below is the top left of the quilt. In this picture, my idea to sew the sashing with cascading colours starts to become apparent. If you are interested in the process behind my clour choices you can read this post: how I design: colours of the Dear Jane.


The big quilt: memory quilt for a friend

Who remembers this one? This is a memory quilt I’m making for a lovely friend of mine with all of her old shirts and such. We’ve been working on this quilt for a few years now. Once every few months or so she shows up with new stuff to put into the quilt, which I obligingly process for use. We’re getting near finishing all the blocks now. It will be so exciting to see how they all work together!

You can read more about the project here: The big quilt for a lovely friend

Cross stitch projects

Lastly, this month I’ve taken up many cross stitch projects. There is something so satisfying about working with the embroidery floss and see images appear. The floss feels so soft, which makes it wonderful to work with. Also, I find that small cross stitch projects are easy to do in the spare minutes my slow computer gives me once in a while. Although, I have to admit that not all of the projects below are small.

The great A’tuin giving us wise words

A'tuin embroidery

A nice little Discworld-themed cross stitch I made because I am a huge fan of Discworld and Terry Pratchett. ‘Be more P’Terry’ is a phrase used by fans and means: be more considerate, kind and understanding to other people, which is always a good thing to remember! This is a small piece for on a desk or so as a daily reminder. I got the pattern from Geeky Goblin and it’s fanart, which means that it is not licensed by Discworld.

The Great A'Tuin cross stitch
The Great A’Tuin cross stitch

Mr X Stitch Christmas Bauble project

I know it’s a bit early for Christmas. Normally I don’t like festive creative projects at all actually. But Mr X stitch has a project to spread the joy of cross stitching around an art installation during Christmas this year and I wanted to help with that. You can read more about the project on his website: baubles project.

I enjoyed making this bauble because I went all out with colour and fabric use. Because when you can’t go overboard with colour and glitter with Christmas, when can you?  Really love how this came out, so I’m gonna keep it for a while before I post it.

My bauble for the Mr X stitch bauble project
My bauble for the Mr X stitch bauble project

Dear Jane embroidery: one can never have enough of a good thing

This is a mini cross stitch version of the Dear Jane quilt. I found this pattern via a facebook cross stitch SAL group (stitch along) and figured I’d make this because I love my Dear Jane quilt so much. You can get the pattern here if you want to see it: micro Dear Jane pattern. Also started this project because wanted to use some speciality variegated thread I got from Jodyri designs. It is not visible yet in the picture though, because it is very subtle. I do plan to add some crazy pink at some point!

Dear Jane cross stitch
Dear Jane cross stitch

Acupictora’s Celtic sew along

This is the start of a mega cross stitch project to make a small tablecloth (about 90 x  90 cm / 35 x 35 inches ). This project will probably take so long that my grandchildren will enjoy it first. I don’t mind long projects though. It is a nice constant element in one’s life to come back to once in a while. Also, this gives me no urge to rush, which gives me more time to think about colour use. Thus pattern I also found via a facebook SAL group: Acupictora’s Stitch along.


What else?

This month I’ve been drawing more than usual. Drawing has always been something on the edges of my mind. I always wanted to get better at it but never really put the effort in. I’ve done the occasional painting or watercolour and have even taken some drawing classes, but up to this date, most drawing in my adulthood has been during tedious classes at uni. However, I’ve been thinking a lot about stuff I would either want to quilt or embroider. I find that making up potential patterns or designs is a great way to deal with emotions in a healthy and constructive way, and manages to give me some peace in these hectic times. For now, that’s in rudimental drawings, but who knows? Maybe if ease of expressing myself via the sewing and embroidery medium grows I’ll make some of my sketches into real embroideries or patterns! Should be interesting.

This month’s posts

See my DeviantArt or Instagram (username: for more artwork and WIPs. You can also follow my blog by clicking on the button on the left or by filling in your email address. There will be a monthly update at the end of every month and a new blogpost every Sunday or Monday.


  1. Wow working on your thesis and field research on an important topic – wishing you much success in your travels and research! The cat cross stitch is amazing and congrats on finishing that awesome Dear Jane!


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