Monthly sewing update: June 2018

It’s the last month of June already! Gosh, time is going quick. My room is turning simultaneously chaotic and empty because I am preparing to move at the end of July. Isn’t that a strange thing: chaos and more space at the same time? This does mean that I have to pack up some of my craft projects as well and decide what I’m going to work on and what can wait for later. And I have to say, I already missed one project which is packed away already.

Part of packing up my room is working like mad on all my old projects because finished ones take less room right? This is a lot of fun. I get such a kick out of making lots of progress and finishing things that have been staring at me for months. I have to admit that I also started some new projects. I am now a member of a modern quilting bee and that motivates me to push my skills and to experiment. Now I just go ahead and start all the crazy projects I was pushing forwards ‘until I have enough skill’. Walk with me through my month of sewing below:

Leather peak-a-bookbag

The first thing I made and finished is another bookbag! This one is from an old faux leather coat. It turns out these bags are suitable for recycling old clothes. They use small pieces of fabric, so even very old clothing usually has some usable fabric to use. Here is the post I wrote about this bookbag:  How to turn a faux leather coat into a peek-a-bookbag.

sides 30%

Ying-yang dragons neglected floss

This one is a mystery for now. As the coloured cat, this one uses floss left over from other projects. I missed working on dragons, so I picked out a suitable pattern and decide to make a dragon cross stitch. The image will become more clear soon when I work on it some more.

Negelcted floss 2, ying-yang dragon

Basic patchwork star quilt tutorial

Made a basic patchwork tutorial for a project on Deviantart. The project aims to educate people through tutorials about all kind of different art forms. Because quilting is less known than I like, I decided to participate and to write a tutorial for a star block. Maybe I’ll write another one later detailing what to do with the finished block. I really believe quilting doesn’t have to be hard when you’re kind to yourself and dare to try.

Quilt tutorial: how to make your own awesome star

Star patchwork quilt block tutorial

Beach tote bag

Made from an old top and an old tote bag. Combining the two gives both some more use. I liked the fabric of the top, but it was too old to wear. I took the opportunity to practice my machine quilting with this bag by using both a zig-zag and a wavy pattern.

Beach upcycled tote bag

The birth of a dragon-quilt

I realised I miss channelling my creativity towards dragons, so I started on a dragon quilt! I’ve always loved dragons, only hadn’t found a way yet how to incorporate that love into quilting. It is going to be a cover for a coach or on the floor or so. I’ll be experimenting a lot because there were a lot of ideas how this dragon could become very nice, and I want to know whether it will work.

Update on my long-run projects

Some photo’s to show progress on my big projects

Dear Jane update

This is the left bottom assembled. See how nice the cascading of the sashing (borders between the blocks) works out! Such a relief every time a colour scheme one thinks of works. Here is a link to the plan I had for the colours: How I design: colours of the Dear Jane.


Celtic cross stitch

So this is where my Celtic cross stitch is at. The floss laying around it are the colours I’m considering as background for the orange part. I was doubting if I might have to go for more greenish colours, what do you think? Not sure if it doesn’t quite match, or that I am just more fond of green than blue.

30% celticc

What else?

So that’s it for me this week! I hope you also had a very creative week with lots of finished and new starts. I’ll end this post with the following two questions:

  • Are you working on anything nice and interesting you want to share at the moment?
  • which of my projects are your most excited to see progress?

This month’s posts

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