A Spiral lone star quilted tote bag to bring madness wherever you go

Revolving star detail 2

Earlier I wrote a post about how I made the quilt above:

Spiralling near madness with the spiral lone star quilt

Well, I made it into a bag now! This piece had been lying around forever because I was not sure what to do with it. Finally, in some kind of finishing frenzy, I decided to turn it into a tote bag!
This week’s post will be a short one because I have a wedding to go to and fieldwork to prepare. Enjoy it nonetheless!

finished bag

So how did I turn the lone star into a bag?

Well, first you applique it onto a background fabric, the grey one in this case. After that, I added the yellow/green fabric on the back. I always give my bags a lining to give the finished piece some extra strength. Bags are used a lot, and often not with extreme care, so you better make them strong. Thereafter I quilted some lines on the star to secure it to the fabric. Next, it was a question of a lot, and I say A LOT of careful pinning work to assemble the bag. I wanted the squares on the fabric to align to give the bag a professional look. And I have to say, with some trial and error it turned out pretty well. I only had to use the seam ripper once! Yay for my developing neatness skills.

The photo below shows a nifty tip when you’re sewing tubes for handles. Tubes are made by sewing the right sides of the fabrics you use together and turning the whole thing inside out. If you sew a piece of string to the top you only have to pull it to turn the tube inside out! No endless fuzzing, pushing and cursing with pens or knitting needles anymore.


And the finished quilt bag

Here it is, again because that’s all the photo’s I have. What else can one photograph with a pretty straightforward bag? What do you think of it? Personally, I think the star comes out really well on the grey fabric. Also, it somehow manages to calm down the craziness of the star. That’s also why I used the green/yellow fabric for the lining: to bring some of the crazy back!

finished bag

That’s all this week my people. I hope you had a great weekend and are working on lots of nice stuff yourself. If you have any questions or want to let me know what you think of this bag you can let me know in the commentary.

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