A milestone of my Dear Jane quilt! Halfway the middle squares

Yes, that are two blocks. I was so busy sewing to reach the halfway point and planning a celebratory blogpost about it, that I did not realise I had already passed the point! I use an excel spreadsheet to jot down all the blocks I finish to have an overview of finished blocks, techniques used and things learned with the block. Also, I write down any events that happened when I made the block I want to remember or notes to write a blogpost later. However, when I marked the halfway point in the spreadsheet I must have been very tired because it was two blocks further into the quilt. Therefore, this post celebrates the halfway point of the centre squares with two blocks in the spotlight: the actual halfway one, and the one I thought was halfway!

You might be surprised to hear I reached the halfway point when you’ve been following this blog because I haven’t nearly posted so many blocks. That is because I was more enthusiastic engaged with sewing the blocks than posting about them. During my fieldwork in Kenya, I plan to catch-up writing about all the blocks and other projects that are finished but haven’t found their way to my blog yet. That will be my way to fight withdrawal symptoms because I will have limited opportunities to sew, embroider and quilt out there. Although I definitely plan to make a quilt there based on African fabric bought there.

Some Dear Jane statistics

  • 87 blocks finished, 83 to go
  • I’ve written about 24 of them. You can find an overview here: Dear Jane introduction
  • About 10 different techniques are used
  • 310 border pieces cut and 144 little middle squares
  • ∞ hours spent, and yet to spend on this quilt (meaning lots)
  • I’ve worked on her for 8 months now

Schema 28-07-2018 Dear Jane quilt finishes

So what are those halfway blocks you are talking about?

Dear Jane quilt block F-7: star struck

Dear Jane quilt block F-7: star struck

The one I thought was ‘the one’.  It would have been so fitting as well because then I got a star for my achievement of reaching the halfway point. But alas. Still a pretty block though and very proud of how well this one turned out. I’m getting the hang of getting points straight. Also, I like this particular star pattern a lot. I’ve seen variations where people do creative things with the big square in the middle and can’t wait to try some for myself! For colours, I opted for blue because that matched well with the green as background colour and there wasn’t much blue yet in the blocks surrounding this one. Technique used is patchwork.

Dear Jane quilt block M-8: enchanted square

Dear Jane quilt block M-8: enchanted square

And the actual halfway block. Also a worthy halfway block if I say so myself. This one makes me very proud because the points where the orange and white lines meet are line up. That rarely happens, which probably, definitely means I am improving! What a glorious moment this milestone is, I am so happy. Technique used is paper piecing with cotton nappy liners. Orange is chosen, because that is one of the best colours ever.

Does that mean I am halfway finishing this quilt?

Absolutely not, but a milestone is a milestone and you’ve got to celebrate those. Never throw away a reason to celebrate, especially when you’re proud of something.

What is left to quilt

  • Finish the middle squares.
  • Connect all the middle squares.
  • Bask in the glorious feeling upon finishing the middle part.
  • Start on the corner kites (in pink!).
  • Start on the triangles on the side.
  • Add all the triangles to each other and the middle part while praying it fits.
  • Find a backing and batting and quilt through all the three layers.
  • Add the scalloped border (the original Dear Jane has a wavy border).
  • Sleep under it and never wake up, because my Dear Jane is finished!

So, as you can see. Enough left to do. That doesn’t matter though. I am not really in a hurry to finish this quilt. I think there is value in spending a lot of time on one quilt, because instead of having many special quilts I end up with one VERY special one. Plus Dear Jane is not the only quilt I am working on, so there are enough other projects to finish in the meantime to get the finish high. Here is a picture of the original as a reminder what I’m working for. Isn’t she a beauty.

Jane Stickle's Dear Jane
The original quilt made by Jane Stickle


See my DeviantArt or Instagram (username: bella.g.bear.art) for more artwork and WIPs. You can also follow my blog by clicking on the button on the left or by filling in your email address. There will be a monthly update at the end of every month and a new blogpost every Sunday or Monday.





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