Monthly sewing update July 2018

This month was so busy with non-sewing related stuff! For one thing, I moved back in with my parents (very cool, I know). Also, there were more Kenya preparations to be done. Still, I managed to work on quite some projects. Quilting, sewing and embroidery is the thing that calms me down and keeps me sane in times of stress.

It looks like I did an insane amount of work this month, but that is because I also wrote about some older stuff this month. One was a secret quilt as a wedding present for my friend’s wedding this month. Also, I am working on writing about all my older projects which are interesting now I have less time to sew.

Update on long-term projects

Dear Jane quilt

As the post of last week already said: I am halfway through the square middle blocks! This is such an amazing milestone. It’s not by far the halfway point of the quilt as a whole, but it does signify a lot of progress. There are 169 middle squares in total. In the meantime work on this quilt has continued and 88 blocks are done, 81 are left to quilt.



Here is last week’s post for anyone who has missed it:

And an introductory post to the Dear Jane quilt for all who wants to know more about the project:


A double wedding ring quilt

This was the wedding present for my friends! They married on the 12th of July, so I had to keep this one a secret till then. It was a beautiful day and I wish them both all the luck in the world.

Heart detail double wedding ring quilt
Heart detail double wedding ring quilt

This is one of my quits I’ve put most planning and thought in so far. For example, the black fabrics are designed by myself because I couldn’t find anything suitable. The design is based on the idea that their love for music binds them together, which explains the heart in the middle. You can read more about it in this post:

Revolving star bag

The star was finished for quite a while already but was never sure what to do with it. In the end, the decision was made to applique it on a tote bag. I am pleased with the result. The bag is a bit small, but the fabrics I used work very well together so I forgive myself for that one.

finished bag

Here is the post about this piece. I’ve been very good this month with writing about recent finishes:

Shirts to make a quilt

This quilt is made out of old men’s shirts and ties. Love how the combination of the calm shirt fabrics work together with the bold fabrics of the ties. That makes it a more interesting piece than only using the calm shirt fabric. I  used shirt buttons to quilt the middle parts of the pinwheel blocks to recycle even more elements of the shirts.

Folded finished pinwheel quilt

And again, here is the post I wrote about this piece:

Work in progress 

Ying Yang dragon cross stitch

A small project to use up all my neglected floss. This pattern caught my attention because I thought to create one dragon with stitches and the other with empty space was a very nifty idea.

Ying-Yang dragon cross stitch WIP

Stretch the magic dragon cross stitch

Some time ago I became worried I had too few dragon-related projects. Well, I’ve counted them and that turns out to be untrue, but there you go. You can never have too many dragons I’d say. Anyhow, this is another dragon cross stitch I’m working on. Thinking about turning it into a very big bookmark. Pattern by Teresa Wentzler.

Stretch the magic dragon WIP

So that’s it for this month

  • Did you like my projects? Which is your favourite?
  • How did you like the layout of this post? I am still experimenting to find a pleasing layout for these monthly sewing updates.
  • Are you working on anything interesting? Feel free to share a link in the commentary section and I’ll check it out!

Then all that’s left to do is to wish you all a great week and much success in all your creative and non-creative endeavours!

Would you like to read more? 

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