The Nearly insane quilt blocks showcase

Obviously, the project I am working on most these days is the one I did not plan in my Finish It in 2019! year.  And yes, that means I have enough unfinished projects laying around to make that possible. Is anyone surprised? The one I am working on is my Nearly Insane Sampler quilt. This quilt by Salinda Rupp and Liz Lois got the name because there are many blocks with thousands of pieces in total (not even exaggerating). As with the Dear Jane Sampler Quilt, I am making this quilt to build my sewing skills. For this quilt, I am using only fabrics with plants on them. Contrary to the Dear Jane quilt, which is hand sewn, this one is 100% made by sewing machine. Here is the introduction of the Nearly Insane sampler quilt:

Most of the blocks of the Nearly Insane quilt I make with the paper piecing technique and nappy liners for cotton diapers. I’ve learned that technique from my mother and it works well because you can trace the blocks from the book. I’ve used that technique also when I was making this quilt rose:

Rose quilt finished

For this rose, I’ve experimented with different materials and concluded that nappy liners are the best.

In the rest of this post, I’ll discuss some of my finished blocks. While doing that I’ll teach you something about quilting, fabric choices and the actual quilting process.

Nearly Insane quilt block 13: double quilting trouble, not by choice

I swear I take good notes of the blocks I finish when I make a quilt. I admit that sometimes they look confusing because I forget to include stuff as with the Nearly Insane quilt, but it has never led to mistakes before.

Nearly Insane quilt scheme
Nearly Insane quilt scheme

This time it did. I’ve checked it multiple times but there is nothing else I can conclude: I have two number 13 blocks.  Both pretty though, which makes choosing the block I’ll end up using not easier. Maybe I can sneak the extra 13 in when I don’t have the stamina for quilt block number 18 of 226 pieces, yes 229 pieces in a 15cm2 square.

Nearly Insane Quilt block 47 and 66: or a tale of unfortunate fabric choices

These two blocks show a lesson in fabric picking. They are both nice fabrics and also both blocks have an interesting pattern, together, however, not so successful. Both fabrics are very busy and the pattern is melting away in all the craziness. The quilting through the layers will make the block look better though. Also, these two blocks won’t be super noticeable in the finished quilt. Still, it is a shame.

 Nearly Insane quilt 30: quilted differences?

This block shows how much difference it makes when you quilt a block in a clever way. Quilting is where you sew through all the three layers. In the block below you can see that the points of this lovely star don’t meet in the middle. If you scroll down to the quilted picture that is not noticeable anymore.

Nearly insane quilt block 27
Nearly insane quilt block 27

No matter where you mess up with a quilt, there is almost always a way to solve it.

Nearly insane quilt block 27, quilted
Nearly insane quilt block 27, quilted


I got more colours of flower fabric from my mother and that’s a good thing! Not all the combinations I’ve used so far work well, so it is good to have options to choose from. Now to end with some questions for you:

  • Do you prefer machine or hand piecing?
  • Which block is your favourite
  • Do you have tips for piecing with a machine?
  • What are your favourite sampler quilts?

Do you wanna know more?

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