Monthly Sewing Update April 2019

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful creative month. This month I worked on so many quilts. I am tidying and clearing out my room and finishing quilts gives me the feeling I am accomplishing bigger, things than with cross stitch or embroidery. Also, I’ve discovered a love for hand quilting which is good because my Kenyan quilt top is almost finished and can’t wait to start quilting it.

Scrappy picknick quilt

This is a quilt I never expected to finish. I started this one because I love scrappy quilts and I had a lot of material from an experiment to finish. The experiment was to find good materials to use for foundation paper piecing quilting technique. In that technique, you sew fabric pieces on a background which makes it easier to make neat pieces. In this quilt, the background served to hold all the pieces together. This was especially important because I used a lot of stretchy and flimsy fabrics.  In the next two weeks, I’ll write a full post about how I made this quilt.

The reason I finished this quilt is because of the discovery of my hand quilting love. This quilt is finished by sewing through the separate layers with glow in the dark thread. It is such a soothing meditative process to quilt by hand.

Scrap quilted picknick blanket
Scrap quilted picknick blanket

The Nearly Insane sampler quilt

Progress! I am doing the Nearly Insane sampler quilt 100% by machine and to make the quilting process easier I am using the ‘Quilt as you go‘ technique. In that technique, you first quilt through all the layers of the quilt before you assemble the pieces.  This sampler quilt is originally made by Salinda Rupp and the pattern is made by Liz Lois

Nearly Insane sampler quilt QAYG WIP
Nearly Insane sampler quilt QAYG WIP

Kenyan quilt update

Nothing much to say about this one. Still assembling the blocks and stripes in a quilt top and it’s looking gorgeous so far.

The Kenyan quilt WIP
The Kenyan quilt WIP

The Dear Jane sampler quilt

Same story as with the Kenyan quilt above: slowly making progress and looking gorgeous.

I’ve almost finished 100 of the middle blocks! 98/169 done.

Spring magical SAL cross stitch

This Easter me and my mom participated in a wonderful cross stitch stitch along (SAL).  The SAL was hosted by Galdra who hosts a multitude of awesome cross stitch SAL’s which make me wish I had time for them all. You can find more information on her website: Magical quilts and more. For this cross stitch, during the Easter weekend every four hours a part of the pattern dropped. Unfortunately, I did not keep up with the SAL at all but made Chappati instead which is an awesome Kenyan dish.

Making Chappati
Making Chappati

Next month my cross stitch will be finished and turned into a beautiful biscornu, that’s a promise.


New backpack experimentation?

This is still such a youthful project. My wish is to learn how to weave one day and here are my first attempts. I’ll probably quilt the woven piece onto a background fabric for some additional strength. This piece is woven with recycled T-shirt strips, but I am still experimenting with which materials to use. I’ll write a blog post about this when I have more to share. If you know any good sources to consult about weaving I would love to here because I am guessing here which is a lot of fun, but some technical information is always helpful.

Weave experiments with T-shirt yarn
Weave experiments with T-shirt yarn

The end: how am I doing, how are you doing?

Months go by so quickly. I’ve already been back in the Netherlands for two months now. The weather is improving so quickly as well! When I arrived here it was cold, like ‘hot water bottle cold’, but now it is ‘wear a dress without stockings’ warm, which I love. But how are you doing? How is the weather and some questions for you to get to know you:

  • What is your proudest achievement this month? Not necessary sewing-related
  • Which sewing-related project did you always wanted to try?
  • What would you like me to write about


Did you miss a post this month?

Next week’s post:

Scrappy picknick quilt & Dear Jane colours: seeing green

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    1. Thank you for pointing that out! You are right that they are originally an Indian dish. Although in Kenya they have become part of the kitchen as well and I was making Chappati with the recipe I’ve learned there.


    1. haha yes we had the unexpected snowstorm before spring as well… Strange times indeed.

      And they did! A dear friend of mine taught me how to make them Kenyan style and these ones turned out very similar to her delicious chappati’s!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. haha yes the name is very fitting as well. Some of the blocks are more than 200 pieces!! :-O. Thank you 🙂 I am very pleased with my collection of projects as well. Great to hear from you as well. I hope you are well.

      Liked by 1 person

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