Another milestone with my Dear Jane quilt: 100 blocks!

Dear Jane quilt blocks display

A milestone! I finished a 100 of these bad boys. Not actual bad boys though because I am not a black widow and rather stick to one for keeps. The Dear Jane sampler quilt is originally quilted by Jane Stickle and the patterns are made by Brenda Papadakis. Many quilters make this quilt now as a test for determination. That is because there are 169 square blocks and a boatload of triangles in this quilt. I am making the Dear Jane quilt to build hand piecing and quilting skills. Read more about the Dear Jane quilt and my version here:

This week, I finished my 100th block and I wanted to celebrate with a blog post just as when I reached the halfway point piecing the square blocks.

So without further ado, here is my 100th block:

Dear Jane quilt block A-11: pebble’s protest

Dear Jane quilt block A-11: Pebble's protest
Dear Jane quilt block A-11: Pebble’s protest

I am super proud of how neat this block turned out, so I declare this a worthy 100th! The original pattern also has a small border around the block, but I decided to extend the outer pieces to remove the border. The blue fabric frays a lot so it is better to prevent tiny pieces. I am sure Jane will be fine with that decision.

On the back, you can see the combination of quilting techniques used. Piecing is done with a combination of patchwork, Y-seams and foundation piecing (I wrote several posts about the techniques of which you can find a link at the bottom of this post). Sometimes a combination of quilting techniques is the only way to achieve a Dear Jane block.  I like how much construction of the blocks is a puzzle.

Dear Jane quilt block A-11, the back
Dear Jane quilt block A-11, the back

Conclusion: Approval of a quilter

Well, that’s it for this week. It’s a short post because I was so overjoyed with my 100th block that I had no inspiration for more writing. And who can blame me with the heavenly light smiling on me through my Dear Jane Sampler curtains? It is as if Jane is praising me for my work so far. I’m off now having a party to celebrate. A question for you to end this post:

  • What is your proudest achievement this week, creative or not?
The heavenly quilting light
The heavenly quilting light telling me to relax

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    1. Thank you! And for sure I am keeping it! This will be the quilt I’ll sleep under whenever I have a home for myself with my potential partner. The calm dreams we’ll have.


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