The Dear Jane quilt: green with envy

Dear Jane quilt blocks

Part three in this series where I write about the background colours of my Dear Jane sampler quilt.  All the quilt blocks in the Dear Jane consist of 2 colours: one background colour and another one. For the background colours, I use red, green, white and blue. Each colour gets a post, in which I talk about some blocks made with this colour and what I learned about the fabric and colour use. See the other posts here:

  1. The Dear Jane quilt: feeling blue
  2. The Dear Jane quilt: seeing red, am I mad?

The green fabric is not making me envy though, because speaking sewing ease, it is the best background fabric of the bunch: it does not stretch and fray and just lays flat by itself. See the posts below to read more about my Dear Jane quilt.

Dear Jane quilt D-9: Uncle Richard

With this block, I discovered the beauty of ironing to flatten patchwork and thus make it easier to work neatly. This is a really neat pattern. I like how it looks like a stack of bricks built by Escher. I must see if I can make a big quilt design based on this.

Construction-wise there is not much to say about this block. It is made with the patchwork quilt technique. First, you sew the middle part and the triangle-shaped outer parts. Then you put the pieces together and add the border.  The colour combination of green and red works, it’s a classic combination really reminded me of evenings near the fireplace.

Dear Jane quilt D-9: Uncle Richard
Dear Jane quilt D-9: Uncle Richard

Dear Jane quilt A-2: one – two buckle my shoe

The colour combination of pink and green is more adventurous than the green and red.  This pink and green combination shouts: I LOVE YOU, please go on a road trip and be hungry in Nakuru with me. But that association might be just me.

This block is made with the foundation piecing quilt technique where you sew the fabric pieces on a background. I use cotton diaper nappy liners as background and that is not strange. Read more about why that is not strange here:

Dear Jane quilt A-2: one - two buckle my shoe
Dear Jane quilt A-2: one – two buckle my shoe

Dear Jane quilt A-6: Uncle Homer

It is always nice to sew a straight-forward block once in a while in Dear Jane’s myriad of complex 100-pieces blocks. I am wondering if the name ‘Uncle Homer’ is meant to refer to the writer of the Iliad and the Odyssey or the dad from The Simpsons. Anyhow, I have no clue how to link either one with the pattern of this block so that’s probably not true. Most likely, it is named by someone who has an uncle called Homer. Does anyone have a suggestion why the block could be named so?

This block is made with the patchwork technique. The colour combination is a bit boring in my opinion. It reminds me of the interior of that boring aunt we all have with a love for emotional phrases inscribed on scrap wood. I think it will look good bordered by the orange, purple, yellow and blue strips. We all need some boring to enjoy the adventurous.

Dear Jane quilt A-6: Uncle Homer
Dear Jane quilt A-6: Uncle Homer

Dear Jane quilt K-8: Springbrook park

I loved this block! It reminds me very much of Spiderman, and I am a Peter Parker – Tobey Maguire girl and always will be. The pattern reminds me of a spider web. The colours are interesting though. It is somewhat pleasing to the eye, but also there is something distorted about it. As if the combination will be in fashion soon, but nobody dares to bet on it yet. What do you think?

It took me several attempts to get this block straight. I ended up attaching the two halves and then sew from the middle to the sides to get the strips aligned on both sides of the middle strip. I discovered it is paramount to use pins at a 90-degree angle to the line you sew. In this way, you secure the fabric exactly where you want it, and it will stay there.

Dear Jane quilt K-8: Springbrook park
Dear Jane quilt K-8: Springbrook park


Are you green with envy seeing my blocks?  Wait until you see the white ones! Those will make you turn white with shock of their neatness. Some questions for you:

  1. What do you think of the colour combination?
  2. Do you tend to make calming colour combinations or adventurous ones?
  3. What is your favourite colour to combine with green?

Would you like to know more?

Next week’s post: Monthly sewing update May

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