Monthly Sewing Update: May 2019

This month I finished my 100th Dear Jane quilt block! Also, I put my Kenyan quilt together, finished the literature draft of my thesis, wrote some stories, had a bachelorette party and helped my brother move. All in all a good and busy month. I hope yours has been great as well. Follow my creative exploits in this story and see the posts you missed this month at the end.

Another thing is that I saw my quilting group this month and they helped me to bast the borders of my Kenyan quilt. Always nice to have some helpers at hand for those kinds of jobs


The Kenyan quilt

The quilt top is together! But I won’t show you until next week when I’ll write an update about the Kenyan quilt. The top is so pretty though so it’s worth the wait. In the picture below you see a preview of the part I’ve already quilted. I am quilting this quilt by hand and loving the process so far. Read more about the Kenyan quilt here:


Crewel embroidery

This piece is finished! Somehow I did not see that coming. Once I planned to border the round shape with embroidery work mimicking the Maasai blankets people wear in Kenya. You see in the picture the Maasai blanket which inspired this idea worn by a lovely man. However, the first corner took me forever, so I gave up. I persevered though while giving it a less dainty look, you can guess in which corner I started, to speed up the process. The embroidery piece is finished now and I am very happy with it! This is a practice piece because I’ve always wanted to learn embroidery. I am sure more pieces will follow. I love how it’s like painting with yarn.



Nearly Insane sampler quilt

Because I use the Quilt-as-you-go quilting technique I can assemble the quilt while not all the blocks are finished yet. I was very impatient and eager to see how the blocks would work together. I am very happy I did start to put this quilt together because seeing how it looks motivates me a lot to continue. It’s so pretty and the bright colours with the greyish blue background fabric really make it a cheerful quilt. It makes me so happy to look at it and contemplating sleeping under it one day. See this post if you want to know what the Nearly Insane sampler quilt is:

NI cut and shrunk

Tanzanian fabric bag

This is made with an old souvenir I gave my grandpa from Tanzania. I was there about 10 years ago. He gave the artwork back because he has other stuff to put on his walls, my grandfather is a very practical man. My experiment was to make a tote bag out of it without using additional fabric. And it worked! My mother kept saying how simple this idea is with a surprised expression. I’ll write a post or pattern of this piece of sewing ingenuity soon so everyone can learn.

When I sell this bag I will use the tagline  ‘Also nice with a cat’.




This month I hope to do a lot of cross stitching on old projects I want to finish. There’s this crazy masochistic group on facebook who strives to do 24hours of cross stitch once in a while. I like those kinds of challenges and want to participate in June’s edition. They also have an extra challenge for June where you have to work on some project for a set amount of time or stitches. There are a lot of small cross stitch projects I want to finish, so this challenge is perfect to motivate me to actually sit down and stitch them. The project below is not small, but a project I really want to work on as well. It’s an Unconventional Xstitch pattern. See the Facebook group here: #24hoursofcrossstitch.

colossal octopus by Pierre Denys de Montfort and UXS
colossal octopus by Pierre Denys de Montfort and UXS

This is the end

Well, of this post not of the world. I hope not at least. How was your month? I hope just as filled with creativity and great works as mine. Some questions:

  1. What did you work on this month? Please link a blog post or something if you want and I’ll check it out! I am always looking for more creative people to follow.
  2. Did you ever change your creative plan to finish quicker?
  3. What are your plans for the coming month?

Posts you might have missed this month/ missed posts

This month I will write about:

  • A Kenyan quilt update
  • Dear Jane colours: white with shock
  • Tanzanian fabric bag: how to make your own tote bag

See my DeviantArt or Instagram (username: for more artwork and WIPs. You can also follow my blog by clicking on the button on the left or by filling in your email address. There will be a monthly update at the end of every month and a new blog post every Sunday or Monday.

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